Elephant Village Pattaya and Mongchang Cafe

Elephant Village Pattaya is a sanctuary located in Pattaya, Thailand, dedicated to the care and conservation of elephants. They offer various activities for visitors, such as elephant rides, feeding sessions, and educational tours. Mongchang Cafe is likely a cafe named after Mongchang, which is a famous elephant at Elephant Village Pattaya, where visitors can relax […]

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Great&Grand Sweet Destination

The arena’s largest ice cream parlor and the world’s only Candyland theme park are positioned in Pattaya. The super&Grand sweet destination is a candy and enthralling trekking enjoy. A best hobby for every age, from adults to children Download PDF Download the PDF of this tour and plan Offline   PDF File WORD File

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Fairy Sweet Village Pattaya

Fairy Sweet Village Pattaya is the brand new themed cafe with sweetness vibe and taste that’s ready as a way to explore. it’s a should-visited attraction for those Instagrammer who are looking for lovely and colourful place with hundred of image spot in every corners. Download PDF Download the PDF of this tour and plan […]

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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Pattaya

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Pattaya will come up with an thrilling enjoy that you may cherish and usually bear in mind. Spend time with the majestic elephants in their natural surroundings, conduct, and nature. Greet and have a fun time with the friendly elephants, have a mud spa and jump for a swim with those stunning […]

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Snake Show and Leather Shop Pattaya

The most extreme energizing Snake show on the planet. you might see a disparity of snake species, Thai and from various countries. See snakes being gotten with the guide of hand, by utilizing mouth. Watch a cobra poison squeezing. See a threats fellow Versus snakes. what’s more, you might see the strenght of a python’s […]

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